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Pettyshop revolutionizes convenience retail by uniting three innovative platforms: Vending Machines, One-man Stores, and Unmanned Shops. At the heart of our operation lies a meticulous curation of 0-100 essential products, ranging from everyday necessities to specialized items, ensuring that customers find exactly what they need. To streamline operations and enhance user experience, we’ve engineered a sophisticated Mobile application.

This comprehensive system provides owners with a seamless interface, granting them real-time visibility into their inventory levels. Through the dedicated app, proprietors can effortlessly monitor stock levels, and receive notifications for restocking.Furthermore, our advanced logistics network connects all points to a centralized master warehouse.

This ensures a steady supply of products, allowing owners to restock their machines and stores in an easy and efficient way. By simplifying the replenishment process, Pettyshop empowers entrepreneurs to focus on what matters most: providing exceptional service and building thriving businesses. With our platform, we’re not just redefining retail, but also creating opportunities for individuals to venture into the world of automated stores. Join us in this exciting journey, where technology and entrepreneurship converge to shape the future of retail. The research phase has concluded. For those interested, please reach out to pettyshop@artistic.business for a detailed proposal.





  • ¬†Designed for professionals, women entrepreneurs, and business-minded people, enabling remote operation.
  • Streamlined business operations with the convenience of a mobile app.
  • Offers a curated selection of 0-100 daily essential products.
  • ¬†Controls multiple stores in a single mobile application.

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Pettyshop revolutionizes retail with vending machines, one-man stores, and unmanned shops, offering curated 0-100 essential products. Our mobile app streamlines operations and an advanced logistics network simplifies restocking. We empower entrepreneurs to thrive in the world of automated stores, redefining retail for the future

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